services for our friends

by the Folas Family

Agios Konstantinos

A visit to Samos

A visit to Samos could be love at first sight! Sun, sea and a beautiful scenery and still free from mass tourism.

This website is meant for the friends and visitors who already know and love Samos and for those who would like to visit the island  for the first time! With this we aim towards a growing network of Greek and foreign friends and acquaintances centered around The Folas family in Agios Constantinos. 

The story began in the old and famous restaurant “Parádisos” in Platanakia, an area in Agios Constantinos.

There, under the big Plane trees, Manolis and Michalis Folas and their parents, had an beautiful restaurant and every week Live music. It attracted many Greeks and foreign visitors. A lot of them became friends  and many of these friendships still exist!

Manolis Folas moved on and opened the restaurant

“Small Parádisos“ along the sea shore of

Agios Constantinos. His restaurant is one of the few

characteristic Greek taverns in Agios Constantinos.

It distinguishes itself by its cosy atmosphere.

Their authentic Greek food is cooked freshly every

day and Manolis makes sure that you receive a

warm welcome.

Besides being a host in his restaurant Manolis Folas,

and his brother Michalis can provide you all the information

you may need during your holiday. They also have houses

to rent and organize various activities using their Greek

perspective, knowledge and love for their island.