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Agios Konstantinos

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• Ano Agios Constantinos •

In Greece you often find a lower village close to the sea and an upper village a little higher up

the mountain. Agios Constantinos has its (P)ano Agios Constantinos! It is the oldest settlement of the village situated on the slopes of the mountain; 500 meters from the village below near the sea and 400 meters from the main road from Samos town to Karlovasi. It is a quiet settlement with about 30 houses around a beautiful little square with a fountain and one of the oldest chapels in the area. The village offers a beautiful view of the sea and the coast of Asia Minor (Turkey). Behind ℗ Agios Constantinos is where the walking path starts leading up into the mountain.

One of the last and therefore most highest situated houses in the village belongs to

Michalis Folas which is for rent in spring, summer and autumn. This is an excellent place for people who are seeking tranquility, country side, beautiful scenery and privacy!

The house consists of 2 small apartments. In the main house, which is restored in the old Greek style there are 2 rooms, a small toilet and shower and a big terrace looking over the sea. One room is a bedroom with a double bed and a wardrobe. The other room is a kitchen/living room combination with a fireplace.

The new, downstairs apartment is simple but comfortable. It consists of a bedroom with a double bed, a small kitchen and a toilet with a shower. Outside it has a lovely private terrace with a view of the mountain and the sea.

Both apartments have their own entrance and are not situated directly above each other.

This offers privacy also sound wise !

The  apartments can be rented separately and together. Wifi is available and can be used in both apartments! Transfers to and from the airport are organised by Michalis Folas on request.

For Bookings you can contact.

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Telephone: 0030 6977406052