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Agios Konstantinos


Samos is a paradise for walking and hiking. It is one of the greenest islands of Greece! It is famous for its vineyards on which they cultivate the famous Samos wine.

In contrast to many other Greek islands, the streams in the mountains and valleys flow all year round. The mountains are green, imposing and charming at the same time. You will discover ancient forests, frothy streams and walk through the old vineyards were the famous Muscat grape has been cultivated through the ages.

From this landscape there is always a view of the enchanting green blue sea.

Samos is also a paradise for plant lovers! De last botanical inventory was made by the German professor Ruprecht Duell (2000). He summed up 1530 wild species of plants and trees and 190 cultivated species. Only Crete, 10 time bigger than Samos, has a few more species !!


The area just behind Agios Constantinos, the famous nightingale valley, is the entrance to one of the greenest parts of Samos and offers a wide variety of shorter and longer walking trails. On your way you can have a rest in one of the taverns in the old picturesque mountain villages of Vourliotes, Manolates, Stavrinides and Ambelos.

Walking routes

You can find routes for walking and hiking in a wide range of books. Manolis Folas can tell you where you can purchase these.

There is a special group of volunteers, consisting of local Greeks and foreign inhabitants, who work hard maintaining the donkey paths, called monopathi's, in the Nightingale Valley. Every year they discover, and clean new paths, that can be used for exciting new walks.

They also invented an excellent system of signs so that you can't get lost!

Below, you'll find the roadmap that they made. This is available, free of charge in most of the taverns in Agios Constatinos and in Manolates.

Walking in a group

It is also possible to take part in group walks with Michalis Folas and/or other experienced walkers. Michalis can show you the old farming routes and he has a treasure of information concerning the very interesting background of Samos due to having such a strategic position in the history of Greece.

Farming activities

While Manolis is the family cook, Michalis inherited a passion for farming from his father Miltiades. He maintains the old vineyards and picks the grapes and other fruits, such as delicious cherries.

If you are interested, he is always willing to show his guests his fields and explain the old techniques he uses. You are also welcome to give him a hand !